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An Amazing Decorative Smart Clock

The nature of many decorative clocks in our homes really hasn’t changed for the better part of a few hundred years. While many people still decorate their homes and spaces with wall clocks that serve important functions, ultimately these clocks don’t have a huge versatility or multipurpose function.

When it comes to smart phones and smart phone technology in many cases we can get a lot of amazing benefits with clocks that we keep in our pockets and on many of our mobile devices. Getting this type of versatility out wall clock and having style and intelligence functions really hasn’t been done, until now.

Coolest clock is design an attractive clock face that can be personalized to your own preferences just as you would personalize any good smartphone clock or device clock. You get access to a wide range of designs with fully customizable clocks and features. This means that you get a wall clock that suits your preferences for design as well as whatever mood you might be in for that individual day. These are clocks that go far beyond simple timekeeping and you can change face elements using advanced mobile applications.

These are clocks that you can set from your smart phone and change from your smart phone. The coolest clock also allows you to perform wall projection meaning that you could light up a very dark room even with just your wall clock and display countless information such as picture content, time, date and more

Coolest clocks also allow you to adjust the brightness, the size of the projection and more. Media updates as well as the live location indicator will help you easily change times and you can even use your wall clock to inform people when you’re driving home and travelling on the go.

With all of these amazing features and the ability to track time in multiple time zones, the coolest clock really is a revolution in wall clock design taking advantage of today’s modern technology to push clock designs further.

– Pown Zor