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It’s 2015, why isn’t there a new, cool clock on the market?

Speaker #1: It’s 2015, why isn’t there a new, cool clock on the market?

Speaker #2: You haven’t heard?

#1: Heard what?

#2: What everyone is talking about, The Coolest Clock.

#1: I bet it’s nothing special.

#2: No it is really cool! It’s different than any other clock because it is connected to your smartphone by an app. It doesn’t just tell time, you can also check your Twitter or Facebook.

#1: Well now you have my attention

#2: You can customize the clock face to match your personality or room décor.

#1: That’s okay but I need something more. Like keeping track of my daily agenda.

#2: It can do that too! This clock has virtually everything; it even has an energy saving option to shut down when no one is in the room.

#1: This sounds like The Coolest Clock!

#2: That’s because it is!

Coolest Clock new Ad

Speaker: The clock has been around for centuries and it is something we rely on everyday. After decades the clock industry has a new player. The Coolest Clock is well just that, the coolest thing to happen to a clock since its invention. Displaying time has gotten a face-lift; this clock when synced to the smartphone app can be customized to fit your wants and needs. Hang it up and have all your information displayed on the wall in front of you. Customize the clock face itself or connect it with your social media accounts to see the latest updates at a glance. Need some motivation in the morning? Get inspired with a quote each day. Keep track of time and appointments with the clocks “to-do” list to keep you on schedule. There are so many features in this single machine its hard to believe. The Coolest Clock is all everyone is talking about.