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It’s 2015, why isn’t there a new, cool clock on the market?

Speaker #1: It’s 2015, why isn’t there a new, cool clock on the market?

Speaker #2: You haven’t heard?

#1: Heard what?

#2: What everyone is talking about, The Coolest Clock.

#1: I bet it’s nothing special.

#2: No it is really cool! It’s different than any other clock because it is connected to your smartphone by an app. It doesn’t just tell time, you can also check your Twitter or Facebook.

#1: Well now you have my attention

#2: You can customize the clock face to match your personality or room décor.

#1: That’s okay but I need something more. Like keeping track of my daily agenda.

#2: It can do that too! This clock has virtually everything; it even has an energy saving option to shut down when no one is in the room.

#1: This sounds like The Coolest Clock!

#2: That’s because it is!

Coolest Clock new Ad

Speaker: The clock has been around for centuries and it is something we rely on everyday. After decades the clock industry has a new player. The Coolest Clock is well just that, the coolest thing to happen to a clock since its invention. Displaying time has gotten a face-lift; this clock when synced to the smartphone app can be customized to fit your wants and needs. Hang it up and have all your information displayed on the wall in front of you. Customize the clock face itself or connect it with your social media accounts to see the latest updates at a glance. Need some motivation in the morning? Get inspired with a quote each day. Keep track of time and appointments with the clocks “to-do” list to keep you on schedule. There are so many features in this single machine its hard to believe. The Coolest Clock is all everyone is talking about.

We live in a dynamic, digital world, yet clocks have yet to catch up– until now.

Out of Austria, via a super successful indiegogo campaign, comes My Coolest Clock ( which takes the idea of a clock to a whole new level.

Imagine being able to customize your clock on the wall, changing its shape, color, and the specific info it shares– that’s what the Coolest Clock allows you to do. It projects the clock image onto the wall just like something you’d see in a movie about “life in the future.” The clock image can include news headlines, temperature readings, graphics, Facebook/Twitter feeds and more. It’s truly unique and I’d like one for my house, for sure.

I’m going to enter their referral contest on Facebook to win one and you should too! –Mark Weber,

Coolest clock is a simple yet innovative idea to make our lives more productive and easy

Coolest clock is a simple yet innovative idea to make our lives more productive and easy. The Idea which was brought to the indigogo’s crowd funding platform on 9th feb, 2015 received an overwhelming response from all over the world, helping it to reach its $20,000 goal easily. At the time of writing, it has been funded to the extent of $124,415 which is 622% of its original goal. This tremendous response is evident of the fact of how useful this gadget people perceive to be for themselves.

The coolest clock has some pretty cool features you could not expect from a clock before. It uses an inbuilt projector to project light on the wall below. With the wall as its canvas, the projections are no less than an art work. This can be said given the beautiful way the clock displays information like facebook and twitter updates, Live location on the map, news from your favourite channels and much more. One can customise the look of the clock to his or her liking. To take the experience of the smart clock to the next level, an app has been developed which gives you complete control over the clock’s functions like the clock’s shape and the information to be displayed.

Another Amazing thing about the clock is that it does waste precious power resources as you would expect. With a Bluetooth chip present, the clock displays information only when someone’s around, otherwise remains off. It is because of inventions like this that the world is becoming a more connected and secure place to live and we hope the coolest clock makes its way to every home very soon. Not only does it add elegance to one’s home but also make it a smarter home.

You can visit their cool website – to know more about the project. Here is a link to their indigogo campaign, if you are interested in contributing to this superb product’s funding. If just another $25000 are crowd sourced then the company claims to add another very useful and desirable feature – speakers. You can imagine how much more cooler the coolest clock will become if they are able to surpass the $150000 milestone. Lets wish them luck !!

Coolest Clock, ever!

Coolest Clock

– Simply a beautiful and unique projection clock that can be personalized to display a variety of clock faces and information.

Why do we all still have the same clocks with the same boring faces like nothing happened since the earliest sun clocks were created centuries ago?

Clocks with just the numbers & hands just like our grandmothers had?


No, of course everything DOES NOT have to be smart or cool but…….

Introducing the Coolest Clock:

A highly versatile projection clock that is designed to project a lot more than time:

A one-of-a kind, smart and multi-purpose device that lets you view a variety of information along with the time via colorful, bright and attractive ‘faces’.

The secret is: Rocket Science, Magic and Love.

Smart faces that can be personalized to display the weather, Facebook status, tweets from your friends, your family`s location on the map, photos, breaking news from your favorite channels, sports scores, and SIMPLY; more.

A compact and stylish device that can be mounted on the wall and plugged in to a power supply.The clock is controlled by a smartphone app so you can control the features and decide on what information to display from your smartphone or the web.

Yeah! We’re Featured!

Users or clock owners can log in to their smartphone app and personalize the clock’s projection in many ways. They can choose from several attractive clock faces, and decide on what information should be displayed on the clock face.

This is especially useful to send updates from your smartphone to anyone at home who can then view the information on the clock face, such as your location, the song you are listening to, your latest photos, and many other such personal information to stay connected even when you are on the move.

– this is the same guy with the belly.
you see, with the coolest clock there is no belly and much love.

Cool Features:

Unique and attractive clock ‘faces’:

There are a variety of cool clock ‘faces’ for you to choose from, depending on your mood, your style or even just to match the room’s décor:

Customizable clock faces: Several face elements are available which can be easily arranged by the users via an app, or mobile even they are traveling in a taxi, in another city, or out of the country, from just about anywhere in the world.

Wall projection: Coolest Clock projects the date, time and other information on to the wall, so that you can view it even from across the room. Whether you are viewing the clock face at night or from a distance, you can still see the time and the rest of the clock face without having to turn on the lights or reach for your glasses.

Adjustable projection: With the smartphone app, you can adjust the size and brightness of the projection, so you can display the time in the most comfortable viewing format.

Live location indicator: Coolest Clock’s unique feature allows the owner (with the smartphone app paired with the clock) to show his or her position on the map. For example, if he is driving back home, he could show his position on the map live, to inform his wife at home. Even when he is away in another country, he might show his position on the map, or send photos to be shown on the clock`s face (projection).

Media updates:The users would be able to show their Facebook status, latest tweets, or even the latest news from different sources (CNN, ESPN, etc.). These can be organized also as “update intervals” and show updated content at regular intervals.

Quotes: Use your clock to motivate or inspire you with your favorite quotes! Users can display their favorite quotes, or ‘quotes of the day’ on the clock face.

Weather updates: Check the day’s weather and also week’s weather outlook on your clock face.

Stay on schedule:The clock face can display your ‘to-do’ list or your daily planner/schedule. So, every time you look at the time, you can check whether you are on track with your schedule or planned activities.

Energy saver: The Coolest Clock would have a beacon (a low energy bluetooth chip), inside the clock device which can be paired with the user’s smartphone, so that the clock could turn on or off, or show the content only when he or she is near or in the same room. This can help save energy, and turn off the clock projection or face where no one is around to view it.

Adjustable Clock Skins: You can adjust the clock faces and/or clock face elements, like switching clock hands showing from digital to analog time if you prefe or playing with other elements on (and of) the “face”.

Automatic Daylight Savings Time adjustment:

Multiple Time Zones:

Coolest Clock: It’s not potato salad, but..

It’s not potato salad, but the IndieGogo crowdfunding campaign for this reinvented clock has blazed to 626% of its goal with 24 days to go.
Wondering why clocks have remained essentially the same since the days of the sundial thousands of years ago, even as their miniature cousins get smarter with models like the Smart Watches, à tout le Monde Studios created the Coolest Clocks.
à Tout le Monde, is bringing technology back to clocks after the original clock was made obsolete. Offering features including wall projection so you can see information from across the room, remote customization via a smartphone app so you can update from across the world, location and scheduling displays and an attractive face, Coolest Clocks turns the kitchen (or any) clock into the centre of attention. It’s a smart device for all the family, perfect for those who feel that current technology is isolating family members.
Coolest Clocks are also customizable, including the face and information displayed (like what music you’re listening to or your newest photos) as well as the size and brightness of the wall projection. A stretch goal if the crowdfunding campaign reaches $150k is to add audio to the clocks.
The Coolest Clocks will be sold for $299. However, crowdfunders can receive significant discounts and combo deals. For example, you can receive a Coolest Clock absolutely free with international shipping if you refer five friends as customers.
Those who want to bring technology and vibrancy to their homes while putting a new spin on an old standby will enjoy the Coolest Clocks and can check out the crowdfunding campaign here and the product website here.

An Amazing Decorative Smart Clock

The nature of many decorative clocks in our homes really hasn’t changed for the better part of a few hundred years. While many people still decorate their homes and spaces with wall clocks that serve important functions, ultimately these clocks don’t have a huge versatility or multipurpose function.

When it comes to smart phones and smart phone technology in many cases we can get a lot of amazing benefits with clocks that we keep in our pockets and on many of our mobile devices. Getting this type of versatility out wall clock and having style and intelligence functions really hasn’t been done, until now.

Coolest clock is design an attractive clock face that can be personalized to your own preferences just as you would personalize any good smartphone clock or device clock. You get access to a wide range of designs with fully customizable clocks and features. This means that you get a wall clock that suits your preferences for design as well as whatever mood you might be in for that individual day. These are clocks that go far beyond simple timekeeping and you can change face elements using advanced mobile applications.

These are clocks that you can set from your smart phone and change from your smart phone. The coolest clock also allows you to perform wall projection meaning that you could light up a very dark room even with just your wall clock and display countless information such as picture content, time, date and more

Coolest clocks also allow you to adjust the brightness, the size of the projection and more. Media updates as well as the live location indicator will help you easily change times and you can even use your wall clock to inform people when you’re driving home and travelling on the go.

With all of these amazing features and the ability to track time in multiple time zones, the coolest clock really is a revolution in wall clock design taking advantage of today’s modern technology to push clock designs further.

– Pown Zor

hurry about GRIFFIN EMBLEM WATCH (the current #1 on Indiegogo)

Here we go with the current #1 of Indiegogo.. a true beauty..

It`s a 21 Jewels watch, and what does that mean is coming from Yahoo Answers:

Reducing friction is an extremely important goal in watchmaking. Jewels have two important properties that help reduce friction. First, they can be made to be very smooth, and therefore they let the metal parts slide easily. Secondly, they are very hard and therefore don’t wear down very quickly. The gears in a watch are carefully designed so that the teeth roll on each other, rather than sliding. If the axle of a gear wears away the hole that it sit in, the gear will shift. That means the teeth will no longer roll on each other and therefore friction will be increased. ” (Thanks to the contributor)

We are just amazed with the quality of work and design.. See what they say in their campaign page and don`t miss the special early bird offers:

GRIFFIN EMBLEM will provide you with top quality watches.


Our first collection helped us to understand more of your needs, so we decided to upgrade the movement and bring you a nice 42mm case as well as a genuine leather strap. Having a GRIFFIN EMBLEM means having a watch with:

·  An automatic movement

·  Top quality materials

·  A design that goes with both professional or casual styles

·  Unisex

·  No battery

The watches with serial number are all limited to 100 by model. You will receive a watch with a serial number engraved on the back and, more important for you, the first to support us gets a special “Early Bird” price (see the list of perks on the right side of the campaign).

The model 1008 have swarvoski baguette instead of the hours.

just look at these beauties:

This Is One Crazy Clock

Clocks are there to help you have a good grasp of time. They have been used for many years and are iconic in their design. However, nowadays most clocks look exactly alike and don’t offer anything more than time. It is one of the best and useful inventions humans have ever made. Even so, the clock has had a long period of stagnation, with nothing really innovative happening. While there might be some really cool clocks out their, most of them are practically impossible to get. Lets face it, clocks these days need to get a boost of innovation.

Having a clock that performs more than one function and can be used in various settings is something that many people want. A clock that not only just tells time, but gives you other useful information, like the weather or news. Clocks made for multipurpose use are some of the best around and can really help people in their daily lives. These designs and functions are something that people have a hard time adding to a clock because of its difficulty. It cost money to design a clock that works more than just a clock. Not only that but you also need people who are willing to buy your work. All of these things have to go into play and work right for this to work.

While their are some really amazing clocks out there, none can match up to The Coolest Clock. When first going to this site, you can see that a lot of effort has been put into it. From its design to its use. The variety of uses for this clock is insane and hard to fully explain in one article. The look of this clock is definitely something futuristic and fits with its usefulness. Its goes form telling you the weather to up-to-date news and even your recent Facebook posts. The style can be changed very easily to fit the mood of your house. Its works by projecting an image of a clock on your wall and in this can be personalized anyway you like. It connects to your social media via phone and displays it on its projection, by doing this it can also give you access to instant weather and news information. You can call this a high-tech makeover for something that we use every day.

This “cool clock” is definitely cool because as of right now it is one of the top funding campaigns on the Indiegogo website. The campaign originally had a goal of $20,000, but easily crushed that by, as of right now, reaching $123,000 and still counting. With 29 days still remaining they are still hoping for more backers for their campaign. Early backers were able to get a the clock, by donating, but unfortunately that time has gone. These feature aren’t the only one that will be added, with donations still coming in, the upgrades are still in process. They hope to be able to fully release to the public in December of 2015.

Flash Drive + USB Cable at once! (SYMLIS Sparrow: OTG flash drive & phone charger)

One of our good friends Longwei (Wu), has launched an interesting project (maybe you`ve already seen, it`s now already 106% backed up) about a flash drive which can be used as a USB cable to charge or backup the smartphones.. He said “everyone has a flash drive on their keychain. What if your flash drive can turn into a USB cable to charge or backup your smartphone when needed?”

It seems this flash drive (below we share a photo, you know about the visuals, more visual, better.) serves those exact purposes so that you carry no extra accessories and save a lot of trouble.

Flash drive for daily routines (Android & iPhone version). SYMLIS Sparrow integrates a fully functional USB flash drive with 16G, 32G and 64G options.
symlis, sparrow, 4g, lte, featured product, usb plus charge battery for android and iphone

Furthermore, it can be a smartphone flash drive via USB OTG (Many new smartphones support USB OTG). You can use it to keep large files for your phone, such as movies, without compromising your phone’s storage space, if you`re interested in such product here`s a link with our referral number (well, we will not make any profit or anything from or with this but just we found it interesting and would like to share.. he also kindly mentioned Coolest Clock in his campaign updates -thanks to him-):

We believe these kinda “supporting” each other in a way (without hurthing the updates or our own crowd or of course without making the messages or updates raining with links) valuable for people like us, small teams, or individuals, who try to achieve or present a “change”.. small or big..