it`s not the potato salad, but, here`s coolest clock, ever

Coolest Clock: It’s not potato salad, but..

It’s not potato salad, but the IndieGogo crowdfunding campaign for this reinvented clock has blazed to 626% of its goal with 24 days to go.
Wondering why clocks have remained essentially the same since the days of the sundial thousands of years ago, even as their miniature cousins get smarter with models like the Smart Watches, à tout le Monde Studios created the Coolest Clocks.
à Tout le Monde, is bringing technology back to clocks after the original clock was made obsolete. Offering features including wall projection so you can see information from across the room, remote customization via a smartphone app so you can update from across the world, location and scheduling displays and an attractive face, Coolest Clocks turns the kitchen (or any) clock into the centre of attention. It’s a smart device for all the family, perfect for those who feel that current technology is isolating family members.
Coolest Clocks are also customizable, including the face and information displayed (like what music you’re listening to or your newest photos) as well as the size and brightness of the wall projection. A stretch goal if the crowdfunding campaign reaches $150k is to add audio to the clocks.
The Coolest Clocks will be sold for $299. However, crowdfunders can receive significant discounts and combo deals. For example, you can receive a Coolest Clock absolutely free with international shipping if you refer five friends as customers.
Those who want to bring technology and vibrancy to their homes while putting a new spin on an old standby will enjoy the Coolest Clocks and can check out the crowdfunding campaign here and the product website here.