more than just a time telling device

Coolest clock that is more than just a time telling device!

Have you ever wondered that clock can do more than just telling you the time or probably weather update along side? Your answer might be no! But not anymore the world’s coolest and hi-tech clocks are here which can do lot more than just telling you time, date and temperature.

Clocks are essential part of every room. I have seen many customizable clocks in different styles but what they do is simply tell the time. But when I came upon these coolest clocks I was really amazed at their functionality and features they offer. These are highly versatile clock which are a perfect blend of traditional time telling machine and a modern hi-tech smart object.
These multipurpose coolest clocks will definitely the one’s which you have not seen before. These are the smart clocks just like our smartphones that have exciting, interesting and customized backgrounds and empowered with the smart and intelligent functions which are augmented well beyond traditional time keeping and offering host of other utilities. It keeps you connected with your place and your near and dear ones, while you are on the move.

It is a smart clock that is connected to your smartphone or any other smart device through an internet connection using the exclusive smart application. You can choose from multiple customizable clock faces to match the mood of your room. These can be changes through a mobile app. It comes with a wall projection that allows you to view the contents of the clock even in the dark or if you are way across the room. You can easily adjust the brightness and size of the projection according to your requirements.

One of the best features out of many other cool features, which I personally admire most, is its live location indicator. You can easily convey your location on the map using the smartphone app which is paired with the clock. It makes it very easy for you to inform at home where you are while you are travelling or driving back towards your house.
It also allows you to check the media updates on Twitter, Facebook and other current news from all around. You can also set the update intervals which is really a cool feature in keeping one updated while doing the household chores. In addition to getting the media updates, it also offer the weather updates to keep you informed about the outdoor weather conditions from time to time. This feature is really helpful whenever I plan to go out as it forecast the expected weather conditions.

It really helped me to stay on my schedule by displaying the “to-do” list which can be preset. This help to keep the track of the daily activities. Motivational quotes or your favorite quotes can also be displayed on the clock face to get inspiration for daily routine.

Another best thing is you can easily turn off and on the clock projection through your smartphone, helping you to save energy when you are not around.
I highly recommend this latest smart object to add color, liveliness and excitement to your place!

– Wright G.