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Enter the Coolest Clock`s Amazing World

I can’t even remember the last time I had an actual clock in my home. It’s 2015 and basically every device I use can tell me what time it is – TV cable box, computer, even the stove has a built-in clock. Even the most basic non-smart phone comes with an alarm feature. I don’t have the numbers but I would assume that traditional clock sales have been plummeting in the last decade or so.

Enter the Coolest Clock. The Coolest Clock (seen here on Facebook or as featured on Big Headed Geek) is most comparable to a dashboard full of apps… for your wall. The clock operates as a projector, delivering a personalized display directly onto your wall wherever it is installed. The projector itself is sleek and easy to attach to any wall in any room of your home. The interface is even more customizable, programmed to show the time in your choice of design along with your pick of other apps including weather and your live updated social media feed. There are multiple options for the clock face itself – Keep it simple with digital or kick it a bit more old school. (I’d been wondering how I would effectively teach my kids to tell time, as everything in our home is digital.)

I have to say, this is something I would absolutely have in my home. I can imagine changing up the style with a new color scheme and inspirational quote to fit the season, and my husband would be happy to never hear me ask him about the weather forecast again.

– Janine Fowler