Flash Drive + USB Cable at once! (SYMLIS Sparrow: OTG flash drive & phone charger)

One of our good friends Longwei (Wu), has launched an interesting project (maybe you`ve already seen, it`s now already 106% backed up) about a flash drive which can be used as a USB cable to charge or backup the smartphones.. He said “everyone has a flash drive on their keychain. What if your flash drive can turn into a USB cable to charge or backup your smartphone when needed?”

It seems this flash drive (below we share a photo, you know about the visuals, more visual, better.) serves those exact purposes so that you carry no extra accessories and save a lot of trouble.

Flash drive for daily routines (Android & iPhone version). SYMLIS Sparrow integrates a fully functional USB flash drive with 16G, 32G and 64G options.
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Furthermore, it can be a smartphone flash drive via USB OTG (Many new smartphones support USB OTG). You can use it to keep large files for your phone, such as movies, without compromising your phone’s storage space, if you`re interested in such product here`s a link with our referral number (well, we will not make any profit or anything from or with this but just we found it interesting and would like to share.. he also kindly mentioned Coolest Clock in his campaign updates -thanks to him-):

We believe these kinda “supporting” each other in a way (without hurthing the updates or our own crowd or of course without making the messages or updates raining with links) valuable for people like us, small teams, or individuals, who try to achieve or present a “change”.. small or big..