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hurry about GRIFFIN EMBLEM WATCH (the current #1 on Indiegogo)

Here we go with the current #1 of Indiegogo.. a true beauty..

It`s a 21 Jewels watch, and what does that mean is coming from Yahoo Answers:

Reducing friction is an extremely important goal in watchmaking. Jewels have two important properties that help reduce friction. First, they can be made to be very smooth, and therefore they let the metal parts slide easily. Secondly, they are very hard and therefore don’t wear down very quickly. The gears in a watch are carefully designed so that the teeth roll on each other, rather than sliding. If the axle of a gear wears away the hole that it sit in, the gear will shift. That means the teeth will no longer roll on each other and therefore friction will be increased. ” (Thanks to the contributor)

We are just amazed with the quality of work and design.. See what they say in their campaign page and don`t miss the special early bird offers:

GRIFFIN EMBLEM will provide you with top quality watches.


Our first collection helped us to understand more of your needs, so we decided to upgrade the movement and bring you a nice 42mm case as well as a genuine leather strap. Having a GRIFFIN EMBLEM means having a watch with:

·  An automatic movement

·  Top quality materials

·  A design that goes with both professional or casual styles

·  Unisex

·  No battery

The watches with serial number are all limited to 100 by model. You will receive a watch with a serial number engraved on the back and, more important for you, the first to support us gets a special “Early Bird” price (see the list of perks on the right side of the campaign).

The model 1008 have swarvoski baguette instead of the hours.

just look at these beauties: