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Nothing close to the conventional standards of a wall clock.

My Coolest Clock – The Wall Clock of the Future

How often do you come across an innovative product that has changed your entire lifestyle? The last time something changed my life so dramatically was when I bought a smart phone. Started taking notes on my phone, booked cabs through the phone, went shopping on mobile and what not. My phone became the center of my universe. I fear something like that would happen again in my life. But this time, it will be for the good.

I recently happened to come across a very innovative, a very creative wall clock while surfing the net. At the very first look, I couldn’t figure out what it was. It just looked like a designer wall hanging. Nothing close to the conventional standards of a wall clock. But then I saw a video demonstrating what it is and how does it work. I was amazed! I was absolutely speechless. It was a wall clock that hardly resembled what we usually have at our homes. Not by a million miles. The moment I understood it’s a wall clock, I realized that this thing was made for the future.

So, now what? I went ahead and ordered one for myself. And believe you me, that’s one of the best decisions I’ve taken in a long time. After it’s arrival, my life has completely changed, in a good way of course. Don’t get me wrong. When I say ‘clock’, I don’t just mean a clock. It does everything for you. You can operate it with your smart phone lying on your bed, read your tweets daily, check your Facebook updates, set reminders, change themes and colors to match your interiors and what not. I can just put my phone away and forget about it. This device does every basic thing that you need your phone to do. And imagine all this without any danger of getting exposed to too much radiation. Phew! This device has all the good in the world written over it.

This is one of the best things I’ve purchased in a long time. It has made my life so much easier. And now I’m seriously planning to gift one to my girlfriend as well. The happiness on her face after seeing this would be priceless.

I will definitely recommend this product to everyone I love. Absolute value for money.

–  Harp M.