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This Is One Crazy Clock

Clocks are there to help you have a good grasp of time. They have been used for many years and are iconic in their design. However, nowadays most clocks look exactly alike and don’t offer anything more than time. It is one of the best and useful inventions humans have ever made. Even so, the clock has had a long period of stagnation, with nothing really innovative happening. While there might be some really cool clocks out their, most of them are practically impossible to get. Lets face it, clocks these days need to get a boost of innovation.

Having a clock that performs more than one function and can be used in various settings is something that many people want. A clock that not only just tells time, but gives you other useful information, like the weather or news. Clocks made for multipurpose use are some of the best around and can really help people in their daily lives. These designs and functions are something that people have a hard time adding to a clock because of its difficulty. It cost money to design a clock that works more than just a clock. Not only that but you also need people who are willing to buy your work. All of these things have to go into play and work right for this to work.

While their are some really amazing clocks out there, none can match up to The Coolest Clock. When first going to this site, you can see that a lot of effort has been put into it. From its design to its use. The variety of uses for this clock is insane and hard to fully explain in one article. The look of this clock is definitely something futuristic and fits with its usefulness. Its goes form telling you the weather to up-to-date news and even your recent Facebook posts. The style can be changed very easily to fit the mood of your house. Its works by projecting an image of a clock on your wall and in this can be personalized anyway you like. It connects to your social media via phone and displays it on its projection, by doing this it can also give you access to instant weather and news information. You can call this a high-tech makeover for something that we use every day.

This “cool clock” is definitely cool because as of right now it is one of the top funding campaigns on the Indiegogo website. The campaign originally had a goal of $20,000, but easily crushed that by, as of right now, reaching $123,000 and still counting. With 29 days still remaining they are still hoping for more backers for their campaign. Early backers were able to get a the clock, by donating, but unfortunately that time has gone. These feature aren’t the only one that will be added, with donations still coming in, the upgrades are still in process. They hope to be able to fully release to the public in December of 2015.